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Does your vehicle have ADAS? (Hint:  No, it’s not a medical condition.)

ADAS stands for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. These systems use sensors and cameras on your vehicle to automate, adapt or enhance safety and better driving.

In 2019, there is a record number of modern vehicles built with some form of ADAS technology. Not all ADAS vehicles drive themselves. Some cars alert you when another vehicle is in your blind spot, or display a message asking you to pull over and rest if you appear fatigued. Other cars will park themselves. All this Advanced Driver Assistance System technology is quite fascinating, and there is so much the average car owner is unaware of. That is why we want to address the key to proper ADAS repair.

Any vehicle with ADAS technology uses sensors and cameras to operate. However, the sensors and cameras need to be properly aligned in order to prevent a front-end collision. When your ADAS cameras and sensors get knocked around in a car wash, in a collision, or in a hail storm, your vehicle needs an ADAS calibration service.

The first thing that needs to happen with your ADAS system is a good, old fashioned wheel alignment. If you align your wheels to factory specifications, your Advanced Driver Assistance System is more likely to work properly. Be sure that the auto repair shop you work with has state-of-the-art wheel alignment equipment that uses laser targeting technology. Fortunately, Car Pros Muffler Masters has top-of-the-line Hunter alignment equipment and ADAS repair equipment needed for factory-spec alignments.

The second key component to ADAS repair is choosing an auto repair shop that has fast turnaround. Most auto repair shops in Colorado Springs, besides Car Pros Muffler Masters, do not have the capability for precision wheel alignment and ADAS repairs. Instead, they may outsource the wheel alignment and ADAS repairs to another auto repair shop that does have the correct technology and tools. The disadvantage here, however, is that it may take longer than expected to get your car back from the shop. Lucky for you, Car Pros Muffler Masters has all the equipment and technology onsite so your wait time is reduced.

The third key component to ADAS repair is finding a shop that is not afraid of the technology. Not all auto repair shops are dedicated to ongoing training and the pursuit of ASE certification. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems require a lot of hours studying the ever-evolving technology, so not every shop can confidently tackle ADAS repairs. The good news is that Car Pros Muffler Masters eagerly embraces this technology because we know it’s the wave of the future. Our automotive technicians are actively pursuing expert knowledge in this area and we are the only brick-and-mortar auto repair shop that has all of the needed equipment on-site.

The fourth and final component to ADAS repair is a strong warranty. Imagine this. If the shop you choose for ADAS repair doesn’t have the proper training or equipment, they are not going to be as willing to back their workmanship for ADAS repair with a warranty. Why? Because ADAS repairs can be a potential liability for small, family-owned auto repair shops and quite frankly, ADAS technology scares them. They don’t want the risk or responsibility of ADAS repairs coming back to haunt them if things go awry and a car gets into a front-end collision if the sensors and cameras were not retargeted to factory specs. Your best bet is to find an auto repair shop, like Car Pros Muffler Masters, who will include their ADAS work in their warranty coverage.

When most people who don’t know our shop hear our business name, Car Pros Muffler Masters, they don’t realize we are more than an exhaust and muffler shop. No! Instead, we are a general repair shop that prides itself on offering a wide range of services. As for ADAS technology, we are a leader in the Colorado Springs auto repair industry and we want to get the word out that we are ready and willing to service and repair your ADAS vehicle.

To schedule an appointment for Advanced Driver Assistance System repairs, contact Car Pros Muffler Masters today. We are conveniently located at 3015 N Stone Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80907. If you have questions about your ADAS vehicle, what to look out for, and our repair suggestions, call us at (719) 636-1087. You’ll be glad you did!

Written by Car Pros Muffler Masters