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Change is Good: 5 Signs You Need an Oil Change | Colorado Springs, CO | Car Pros Muffler Masters

Do You Need A Change? An Oil Change, That Is…

Your car has a lot of parts, as well as a lot of different fluids. However, out of the fluids your car needs to operate, oil is arguably the most important one. Without the lubrication oil imparts to your engine, its parts wouldn’t be able to move properly. Not staying on top of oil changes can create expensive problems for your engine, and may even lead to engine failure. So don’t be guilty of oil change negligence – know the signs that your car needs an oil change!

Weird Noises

Sure, your car can’t talk to you in English, but the noises it makes can tell you that something is wrong. If you’re hearing new, strange sounds coming from your car while you’re driving, you should definitely either investigate the cause of the sounds yourself or bring it in to see an expert. Sometimes, the way to silence your car’s cries for help is simply to bring it in for an oil change.

The Vibes are Off

If your car is vibrating more than usual while you’re driving, or if the vibrations are coming from a different part of the car than usual, you should definitely get that checked out. Excessive vibration can indicate that there’s extra friction in your engine because the parts aren’t moving the way they’re supposed to. As stated above, oil lubricates the engine, so changing your oil can be a quick and easy fix to this problem.

The Oil Looks Different

Checking your oil is easy enough, and your oil should come out light brown when you look at it and wipe the dipstick off. If you notice that your oil is darker than usual, anywhere from dark brown to black, that’s definitely a sign that you’re due for an oil change. If it’s in need of a change, it may also be thicker in consistency.

Jerky Gears

Your car is supposed to run smoothly. When you switch gears, does your car have a hard time getting with the program? Do you feel a jerking or tugging sensation when you try to do so? That can definitely be a sign it’s time for an oil change, and you’ll want to get that resolved before the problem becomes something more serious and more expensive.

Mileage Matters

Depending on your vehicle’s make, model, age, and other factors, the typical suggestion is to get your oil changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. We recommend that you check your car’s owner’s manual to see how long you should go between oil changes. Don’t go too far over the limit!

If you need an oil change in the Colorado Springs, CO area, be sure to bring your car in to see the experts at Car Pros Muffler Masters! We’ll get your car back to running cleanly in no time.

Written by Car Pros Muffler Masters