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Car Batteries and When to Replace Them | Colorado Springs, CO | Car Pros Muffler Masters

An Important Factor in Auto Repair

So many things in our lives run on batteries. Maybe you’re used to replacing the AAA batteries in your remote control, but you may not be as well versed in the battery inside of your car.

Your car’s battery is rechargeable. It’s an important part, supplying electric current to your car’s starting motor, which then starts the internal combustion engine that gets your car running. Car batteries are often referred to as “SLI batteries”, which stands for starting, lighting, and ignition. Just like AAA batteries keep your TV remote running, your car battery plays an important role in keeping the electric parts of your car going. If your car’s battery isn’t working, the car won’t start, so we can’t overstate the importance of this part.

Your car battery’s life span is affected by many factors, and it can unfortunately be shortened by extreme heat or cold and by the humidity in the air around you. When you start your car, you recharge the battery, so even if you’re not driving your car often, you should still start it up from time to time. If not, the battery can die just from not having been charged in a while.

So what are some signs that your car needs a new battery? First off, look at your car’s headlights. The battery provides the electricity to your car, so if you’re noticing that your lights are shining more weakly than usual, that could be caused by a battery that’s having a hard time holding a charge.

You may need a new car battery if your engine struggles to start, or if it takes multiple attempts every time you go to start your car. Your battery can become worn down over time and, if your car’s getting off to a slow start, that could mean your battery is also struggling. If your car’s battery is in good condition, it should start when you turn the ignition, without you having to make multiple attempts.

If your car’s check engine light comes on, it can be a sign of multiple issues, but the battery could be one of those issues. You should always get in touch with a mechanic when you notice your check engine light is on. If your car’s check engine light comes on, bring it in so that we can run diagnostics and see what the problem is. It could be the battery, it could be something else, but either way, the CEL shouldn’t be ignored.

No matter what your car needs, if you need auto repair in the Colorado Springs, CO area, be sure to bring it in to see the expert technicians at Car Pros Muffler Masters. We’ll get your car back to running flawlessly in no time.

Written by Car Pros Muffler Masters