Brief Oil Change Guide

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Brief Oil Change Guide

Simple, But Important

“Oil change.” This term is only two little words, so how big of a deal can it be? Actually, the routine oil change, though not a difficult service to perform, is one of the most important things you can do for your automobile. Motor oil protects your engine in multiple ways. It lubricates so that the moving metal parts don’t disintegrate due to friction, removes some of the intense heat generated during the combustion process, and grabs dirt particles to hold them so they can’t damage engine components. Across time and mileage, oil ages. It begins losing its protective value, putting your transportation investment at risk. Your power plant may even develop a raging case of sludge. You don’t have to worry, however, if you bring your auto to Car Pros Muffler Masters in Colorado Springs, Colorado, for routine preventive maintenance services, including oil changes.

A Few Considerations

Perhaps you’re wondering how often you should change your car’s oil. Your owner’s manual provides the manufacturer’s recommendations, but we’re glad to help you develop a schedule, as well. Generally, the automaker’s target time or mileage is exactly what’s needed. If you drive under extreme conditions, however, you may need to consider an alternative approach. Consult one of our ASE certified technicians if you frequently drive on steep (mountainous) roads, where salt and deicers are transportation staples, in extreme heat or cold, with heavy traffic (many short trips, sitting in traffic jams, or extended stop and go patterns), or hauling a trailer in tow. If one or more of these is true, you may need more frequent oil changes. Also, think about the kind of oil your auto needs. Again, your manual can help you, and so can we. Choices include conventional (derived from crude), full synthetic (man-made for longer life), or synthetic blend (a mix of the two provides some of the properties of synthetic while coming in at a lower price point than full synthetic). Further, make sure you’re using the recommended “weight.” You’ll find a combination of letters and numbers on oil containers that refer to various measures, including viscosity. Finding the appropriate match better protects your specific engine in particular conditions.

Guide Your Vehicle on Over to Our Shop

If you’re still not comfortable changing your own oil even after reading our quick guide, don’t worry. Simply guide your vehicle on over to our shop. The staff at Car Pros Muffler Masters is happy to help you maintain your automobile. We may even be able to help you save a few dollars. Check our Specials tab to see if there’s a coupon for a discount on an oil change. We’ve been in business for more than 30 years, and we’re affiliated with AAA, so you can feel good that your car is in good hands.

Written by Car Pros Muffler Masters