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Auto Repair in Colorado Springs, Colorado

It’s Good to Know the Basics

It never hurts to know a little bit about basic auto repairs. This is particularly true if you’re doing a little tinkering yourself and extremely important if you find yourself needing an unplanned repair in a strange town. While we’ve built a culture of trust and don’t take advantage of you, it’s likely that you’ll feel more comfortable when we talk about your vehicle if you’re somewhat comfortable with the subject matter. Therefore, we’re glad to provide you with an overview of a few common services and repairs, and we’re always ready to help you with all your auto repair needs at Car Pros Muffler Masters in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

A Basic Working Knowledge

Don’t worry. Learning a few basics doesn’t mean you have to do it all yourself. After all, you have us for that. Right? That said, the first thing to grasp is best practices for maintenance. You can keep your car running better, longer and head off some untimely repairs with preventive services. While there are multiple service points, be sure to change the oil and filter regularly. Fresh lubricant is in better condition to do its jobs of minimizing friction, removing some engine heat, and grasping damaging dirt. Refer to your owner’s manual or ask one of our ASE-certified technicians for advice on oil change intervals. Also, check your auto’s fluid levels periodically, topping them off if necessary. Beyond maintenance, common basic repairs don’t have to be frightening. As good as they are, parts wear over time, with use, and across miles. Eventually, you’ll need to replace your vehicle’s battery and spark plugs (often packaged with other services called a tune-up). If the battery is dead–which can potentially mean that it’s weak and needs replacing or that you accidentally left something turned on–you may need a jump start. That’s easy but surely requires an understanding of one basic fact. Be certain that you’re connecting positive (marked with a + on the battery, corresponding to the red cable) and negative (marked with a – on the battery, corresponding to the black cable) correctly. Otherwise, you’ll cause damage. Other simple yet necessary repairs include changing wiper blades and lights. Finally, don’t ignore squealing or grinding brakes. Metal brake pads are consumable goods. Eventually, they wear and must be changed.

Rely on Us

No matter which service or repair you need, you can be confident in your choice of Car Pros Muffler Masters. In business for more than three decades, we’ve earned a spot among the AAA recognized shops and developed a solid reputation in our community. Whether we’re dispensing guidance or completing the work, we want the best for you as related to your auto repair.

Written by Car Pros Muffler Masters